What is the Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test is a questionnaire of 100 questions related to the infringement, education, society, and your personal life for both boys and girls.

In other words, the Rice Purity Test is also known as the Innocence Test. The RicePurityTests team develops it for evaluating the purity of a person.

The purity score ranges from 0 to 100. where 100 is the maximum score (bad score), while 0 is the least score (good score).

Rice University introduced the rice purity test in 1924 to measure the student's maturity and innocence level according to their age group.

The rice purity test's main objective is to work for the freshers to bring a great college life and sustain a good emotional bond with the elders.

Check Your Rice Purity Test Score Online

How does Rice Purity work?

The Rice Purity test contains 100 questions. All the questions are related to your personal life, Relationship, Bad habits and additions, breaking the rules, and Physical relations.

The person needs to answer every question by pressing the Yes or No button in the online purity test related to your life or done with you. The rice purity test score deviates from 0 to 100; each question assigns 1 score, which can be positive or negative.

You must solve all 100 questions to get the rice purity test score. So, Don't think twice about taking the purity test; it reveals the path to enhance and make a good deal with your partner and improve your relationship to the next level.

Following are the easy steps to taking a rice purity test -

  • Visit RicePurityTests.net
  • Click the Take a test button
  • Read and answer the question by clicking on the checkbox.
  • After completing all 100 Questions, Your rice purity score is displayed on the screen.
  • Send your score to your partner and friend.

what does the rice purity test score mean?

The score varies from 0 and 100. 75 - 100 is the good rice purity test score, 60-75 is the average score, and 0 is the bad score. explanation of score is as follows -

100 to 98It means you are as pure as gold. Few numbers of people fall into this category.
97 to 94It means are relatively pure. Perhaps you have loved or clasped hands with someone.
93 to 77It means you are averagely pure. You have probably committed to loved or have moved down so more.
76 to 45It means your innocence is degraded. You have had several occurrences of bad addiction stuff, and/or troubles with the law.
44 to 9It means your purity is very impaired. You have perhaps consumed bad addiction stuff, lived in jail, and/or experienced physical bonding in public.
8 to 0It means you are as violent as they enter. You have committed pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being spent for.

What Does Rice Purity Test Include?

It includes questionaries on various unexpected stuff like your passionate relationships, dating, rule violations, physical life, etc.

Romantic Relationship:

You might have recognized that college students develop romantic relationships at the outset of their college life. So they evolve less innocently. But, before entering college, they were innocent. This is what the quiz is about. Our Rice Purity test consists of a few questions about your romantic relationship. Some of them are:

  • Lived in a romantic relationship?

  • Have you ever Cheated on a significant other during a relationship?

Rule Violation:

Not all folks are the same. If you have ever been grabbed by police for any purpose, consuming bad stuff, experiencing physical bond, the police imprisoned, and things like these will be in your official Rice Purity Test. The motive is to referee a person when it comes to crimes and confronting the police. Some of the questions may be:

  • Caught by the police?

  • Had the police handcuffed you?

Physical Life:

Describe your physical life, and what stuff in a physical bond you have performed so far is the quiz's basis. This compels you to be honest. You will recognize various concerns like:

  • Watched or browsed material?

  • Ever done a physical bond?

Bad Addiction:

Rice Purity test quiz includes several queries considering how a person is when it gets too bad things. Some medicines are illegal in all regions and nations, so how an individual is organized to do this bad stuff is an aspect of the test. You will encounter queries like:

  • Consumed bad stuff?

  • Sell bad things in life?

Benefits of taking the Rice Purity Test

Following is the list of benefits that makes you curious about taking rice purity test -

  • It helps to comprehend how experienced and young you are.
  • Check if your friends are involved in some forbidden activities and don't know what they are doing or taking life in the wrong direction.
  • It even proposes you learn a better way about your personal life.
  • It helps you learn how to indulge in society, and many other unblocked advancements can be brought through the rice purity test.
  • Improve your bonding with your friends and partner.
  • It helps to serve the fresher's subordinate in the new and mysterious environment.

Statistical Report of Rice Purity Test (Over 5000 Users)

CountryAvg. Boys
Avg. Girls
United State56.159.9
United Kingdom5154.6
New Zealand41.440.1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a good score on the Rice purity test?

According to the rice purity test score meaning, Score between 91 and 100 is a good rice purity score. It is officially announced by rice university.

2. What is the average rice purity test score?

According to the rice purity test score meaning provided by rice university, Score between 77 and 93 is an average rice purity score.

3. What is a bad score on the rice purity test?

According to the rice purity test score meaning provided by rice university, Score between 0 and 8 is an average rice purity score.

4. Is the Rice purity test safe?

It depends on the person who takes the rice purity test. If they take it positively, it is entirely safe to take your relationship to the next level.

5. How many questions are on the rice purity test?

There are 100 questions in the rice purity test related to your personal life, physical life, bad habits, and rule violations.

6. What is the MPS rice purity test?

MPS stands for mucopolysaccharidosis, and it is one of the diseases. MPS rice purity test is the same as the regular purity test, but it is specially designed for MPS persons.

7. Who made the rice purity test?

Ella Menashe PO '23 and her best friend Grace Wetsel built the rice purity test concept, and The RicePurityTests team digitally developed the rice purity test in 2020.

8. What is the global rice purity test?

The global rice purity test is the version of the purity test available for all countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.