Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test is the survey that is the amalgam of 100 questions related to your life. that decide your personality/Innocence related to educations, society and your life.

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Rice Purity Test girls
Rice Purity Test girls
Rice Purity Test girls

What is the Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test is a type of questionnaire where there are several concerns concerning our vitalities. In addition, the situations might be related to violations, education, society, and many other things. Furthermore, it is a very lengthy list, which comprises an amount of a hundred queries.

In other terms, you may also consider it as a personality test. It is developed to comfort in evaluating the purity of a person. Also, the range fluctuates from 0% to 100%. Moreover, 100% is the maximum score, while 0% is the least score or most minor purity.

However, it was being developed only for pastimes. Moreover, the Students who will participate in this quiz may find the rice purity test quite engaging because of its concerns. Further, these questions support determining the personality of a person.

How does Rice Purity work?

Rice Purity test question comprises 100 questions, and the person needs to solve these questions by provoking a Yes or No in front of the concern connected to your life.

The rice purity test score deviates from 0% to 100%, and it divulges your insight into life. Without moreover delay, Let's analyze the efforts for the rice purity score test.

Might these steps make you wise to understand the working of the survey. Don't think twice about taking the purity test; it reveals you the path where to enhance and make you rule on your personality without someone helping. It works for you to make a good deal with your peers.

What Does Rice Purity Test Include?

It comprises everything. Queries on various and unexpected stuff like your passionate relationships, dating, and anything.

Romantic Relationship:

You might have recognized that college students develop romantic relationships at the outset of their college life. So they evolve less innocently. Before entering college, they were innocent. This is what the quiz is about. It consists of a few questions about your romantic relationship. Some of them are:

  • Lived in a romantic relationship?
  • Have you ever Cheated on a significant other during a relationship?
Rule Violation:

Not all folks are the same. If you have ever been grabbed by police for any purpose, consuming bad stuff, experiencing physical bond, the police imprisoned, and things like these will be in your Rice Purity Test. The motive is to referee a person when it comes to crimes and confronting the police. Some of the questions may be:

  • Caught by the police?
  • Had the police handcuffed you?
Physical Life:

Describe your physical life, and what stuff in a physical bond you have performed so far is the quiz's basis. This compels you to be honest. You will recognize various concerns like:

  • Watched or browsed material?
  • Ever done a physical bond?
Bad Addiction:

We all know how to consume bad addiction stuff. The quiz includes several queries considering how a person is when it gets too bad things. Some medicines are illegal in all regions and nations, so how an individual is organized to do this bad stuff is an aspect of the test. You will encounter queries like:

  • Consumed bad stuff?
  • Sell bad things in life?

The Necessity of Rice Purity Test


The Rice Purity test helps to comprehend how experienced and young you are. I recommend every learner should take this questionnaire and realize their character correctly.

Fresh minds are full of energy and would love to perform well and earn all the luxury in vitality quickly, which steers them to change from the right path. They might be involved in some forbidden activities and don't know what they are doing or taking life in the wrong direction.

It even proposes you learn a better way about your personal life. Suppose you are not interested in sharing your personality with your friends or worried about meeting an expert to find out about your personality. In that case, this survey rendered by Rice University is the best option to observe yourself.

Once you took part in the purity test, after a month or after two to three weeks, you can again participate in the test as per your decision. It would be best if you kept scanning the score time to get how much you have enhanced. It helps you learn how to indulge in society, and many other advancements can be brought through the rice purity test examination.

History of Purity test

So far, we've already talked over what Rice Purity Test is, why do you need to do a rice purity test, and what its score implies. However, just comprehending what it implies is not more enough.

You might be thinking, why so? That's because the rice purity test has achieved an interesting history with itself. Rice purity tests originated to serve the freshers subordinate in the new and mysterious environment.

Additionally, the rice purity test's main objective was to work for the freshers to bring a great college life and sustain a good emotional bond with the elders.

Besides, the test needed to build cordial relationships. Similarly, we all learn that a desirable personality enlarges a feather to the top. Therefore, this is what the rice purity test works out.

As the rice purity test benefits, it is possible to prevent or plop a full stop to all the diverting traits one has.

Further, it also encourages restriction of the bad omens that push down an individual's personality. Meanwhile, the 0-week students willingly obtain this test to provide a chance to interact with the crowd. Further, interacting with various and all manners of people encourages to enhance the personality.

Essentially, the history behind this examination is that it was evolved to train beginners and make them feel prosperous. Hence, this is all about the yore of the rice purity test, which aids us in knowing how it originated and why it emerged.

What does my score mean?

The score of the rice purity test varies from 0 and 100. 100 is the highest score, and 0 is the lowest score. 100 score implies you are the purest one.

[ 100 to 98 ]
It means you are as pure as gold. Few numbers of people fall into this category.
[ 97 to 94 ]
It means are relatively pure. Perhaps you have loved or clasped hands with someone.
[ 93 to 77 ]
It means you are averagely pure. You have probably committed to loved or have moved down so more.
[ 76 to 45 ]
It means your innocence is degraded. You have had several occurrences of bad addiction stuff, and/or troubles with the law.
[ 44 to 9 ]
It means your purity is very impaired. You have perhaps consumed bad addiction stuff, lived in jail, and/or experienced physical bonding in public.
[ 8 to 0 ]
It means you are as violent as they enter. You have committed pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being spent for.